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What is Acne and How to get rid of this Problem

Acne is a skin condition that left scars, redheads, and blackheads on various parts of the skin including face, neck, and shoulder. Though this condition is not dangerous but can put your self-esteem, confidence, and social appeal at stake as people start suffering from inferiority complex due to ugly look of their skin.

How Does it Originate?

The condition of Acne is mostly found in teenagers and youngsters who are in their puberty stage. In fact, during puberty more adrenalin hormone is secreted by the adrenal gland of our body that stimulates the secretion of sebum in skin. Sometimes, when the pores of the skin get blocked then their release is prohibited thus accumulation of sebum (oil) happens in the inner layer of the skin resulting into the formation of red scars, blackheads and redheads. This is how acne originates.

What are the causes of acne formation?

Spicy food habit is one of the major causes of acne formation because hot, acidic, and spicy foods increase the acid level of the body which in turn stimulates the formation of acne in skins. Heredity or genetic composition is another factor that will determine you will be having acne or not. If any member of your family like father, mother, maternal uncle and aunts are having acne, chances are that you may also develop acne because heredity matters a lot in this condition. Some iodide and bromide containing drugs can also aggravate the formation of acne and thus it is important to consult your doctor prior to taking such medicines. Most of the synthetic cosmetics that we use these days are comedogenic in nature means they are pore clogging ("comedogenic"), means they can bock the pores of the skin resulting into the formation of acne.

How to prevent making acne worse

There are many ways through which we can prevent making acne worse some of them are as below:

Squeezing the pimples- The first and foremost thing you need to do is stop squeezing the pimples; otherwise, it will become more severe and incurable. Seek the advice of a registered physician and try some accutane. However, patients need to consider that low cost of accutane could be a tempting one and thus you should not get trapped in such illusions.

Avoid using Oil based makeups- Synthetic and oil based make-ups like moisturizing creams, lubricating lotions, and all makeup that contain oil can speed up the blocking of your pores thus resulting into acne hence it is important for teenagers to avoid using such oily cosmetics.



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